Terrence Higgins Trust appoints new Medical Director

Dr Kate Nambiar takes over as our Medical Director from Dr Michael Brady.

Dr Kate Nambiar has been appointed as our new Medical Director.

She will play a pivotal role through her clinical expertise in ensuring no one is left behind and tackling sexual health inequalities in marginalised communities as we work towards ending new HIV cases by 2030.

She takes over from Dr Michael Brady, who is stepping down this month after almost 15 years in the role.
Dr Nambiar began working for the NHS in 1999 and has specialised in sexual health since 2003. She is passionate about ensuring good healthcare is a right and reality for everyone and has a wealth of experience, including working as a Speciality Doctor in Sexual Health and HIV at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust and Doctoral Researcher at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. Dr Nambiar currently works as a Gender Clinician and Endocrinology Specialist at the Welsh Gender Service in Cardiff.
In 2012 Dr Nambiar founded Clinic-T, a sexual health and contraception clinic led by and for trans and non-binary people in Brighton, in partnership with us. The clinic provides an inclusive and non-judgemental service and addresses the gap in sexual and reproductive health information for this community.
HIV diagnoses among trans people have only been included in the UK’s annual statistics since 2015 – Dr Nambiar was part of the team that advocated for this change. She’s been a longstanding champion of trans-inclusive healthcare and was recently part of a team in Brighton that launched guidance on gender inclusive perinatal care.
Dr Nambiar was also involved in developing our trans-specific sexual health information, led by and celebrating trans, non-binary and gender diverse people. Speaking about the resource, Dr Nambiar said: ‘Good sexual health is vital for everyone but too often trans, non-binary and gender diverse people are left out of mainstream information relating to sexual health and feel uncomfortable accessing mainstream services. As trans people, we need to see ourselves in sexual health campaigns and know that the information is written with us in mind.’
Our chief executive Ian Green said: ‘We are thrilled to welcome Dr Kate Nambiar as Medical Director of Terrence Higgins Trust. Kate is a leading voice in sexual health – her experience in will be invaluable to Terrence Higgins Trust as we work to ensure everyone can access good sexual and reproductive health services and information tailored to their needs; and that HIV, sexual and reproductive health are free from shame and stigma.’

Dr Kate Nambiar said: ‘It’s an honour to be appointed as Terrence Higgins Trust’s new Medical Director. I have long admired the charity’s work and look forward to using my experience in sexual health and gender identity to support Terrence Higgins Trust on its mission to end new cases of HIV by 2030 and improve the nation’s sexual health – and ensure progress is felt by all communities without exception.’

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